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A conversation guide for parents + adult caregivers of children. Ages 7-11 years old

Talking to your children about weight + health

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“You know your child best and that makes you the most valuable asset in communicating with your child about weight.”

Every day, parents and caregivers of children are confronted with challenging questions and situations for which they are unprepared.

For many, questions about a child’s weight are particularly difficult for an adult caregiver to answer since feelings about overweight and obesity are often complicated by both personal issues and the conflicting messages communicated about weight through media and society at large. In fact, a WebMD/Sanford Health survey found that parents of teens find it more difficult to talk about weight with their child than talking about sex, drugs, alcohol or smoking!

But awkwardness won’t stop the questions from coming. As America’s childhood obesity crisis continues, we can expect that the questions will surface more frequently – and at almost any time:

  • In the car driving to an activity
  • On the way to school
  • Around the dinner table
  • While watching TV
  • At church
  • he list goes on and on…

A parent who searches online or in a local library or who asks a medical professional can readily find several guides for talking with a child about “tough” topics like sex or drinking. If those same parents looked for information on how to address a child’s weight however, they will be unable to find much that is useful or that goes beyond basic information we have heard for years – like, just eat less and move more.

This void isn’t just another gap in the world of “DIY parenting.” It’s a pressing health concern facing millions of families, and precisely the reason this conversation guide is needed.

We hope the information provided here will help you navigate the important and challenging task of talking with your child about overweight and obesity.

In ways that are factual, practical and caring.

Here’s to your family’s health,


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Why a guide is needed–and a few disclaimers, too

Many factors have led to a nation where one in three children is affected by overweight or obesity. This guide is not provided to get to the root of the issue, point fingers or lay blame.

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Talking to your children about weight and health

As children develop and mature at varying rates throughout childhood, generalizing advice is not advised. With that in mind, this guide is specifically created for parents with children who are 7-11 years old.

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