Resources guide

Credits & Acknowledgements

This guide was developed in partnership between the obesity research team at The George Washington University School of Public Health & Health Services and the STOP Obesity Alliance communications team at Chandler Chicco Agency:

  • Stephanie David, JD, MPH
    George Washington University

  • Lucas Divine
    George Washington University

  • Christine Ferguson, JD
    George Washington University

  • Gina Mangiaracina,
    Chandler Chicco Agency

  • Allison May Rosen,
    Chandler Chicco Agency

The STOP Obesity Alliance and Alliance for a Healthier Generation would like to thank and acknowledge the following individual experts and organizations for reviewing and providing input into the conversation guide.

  • American Heart Association Scientific Advisory Board

  • Betty Pinkins,
    Parent of Youth Advisory Board member,
    Alliance for a Healthier Generation

  • Ginny Ehrlich,
    DEd, MPH, Chief Executive Officer, Alliance for a
    Healthier Generation

  • Joseph Nadglowski,
    President & CEO, Obesity Action Coalition

  • Laurie Whitsel,
    Director of Policy Research, American Heart

  • Nazrat Mizra,
    MD, Faculty, General and Community Pediatrics
    & Obesity Institute, Children’s National Medical

  • Rebecca Puhl,
    Director of Research, Rudd Center for Food
    Policy & Obesity at Yale University

  • Robyn Osborn,
    PhD, Assistant Director, National Center for
    Weight & Wellness

  • Scotie Connor,
    Oklahoma City, OK, Youth Advisory Board Alum,
    Alliance for a Healthier Generation

  • Scott Kahan,
    MD, MPH, Director, STOP Obesity
    Alliance &
    Director, National Center for Weight and

  • Stephen R. Daniels,
    MD, PhD, Professor and Chairman, Department
    of Pediatrics; University of
    Colorado School of Medicine; Pediatrician-in-Chief and L. Joseph
    Butterfield Chair of Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital

  • STOP Obesity Alliance Steering Committee